How to mock sealed classes and static methods

Typemock & JustMock are 2 commercially available mocking tools that let you achieve something that should be impossible. Unlike all other mocking frameworks, they let you mock sealed classes, static and non-virtual methods, but how do they do this?

Know thy .NET object memory layout (Updated 2014-09-03)

Apologies to Nitsan Wakart, from whom I shamelessly stole the title of this post!

Measuring the impact of the .NET Garbage Collector - An Update


Measuring the impact of the .NET Garbage Collector

There is an update to this post, based on feedback I received.

Roslyn code base - performance lessons (part 2)

In my previous post, I talked about some of the general performance lessons that can be learnt from the Roslyn project. This post builds on that and looks at specific examples from the code base.

Roslyn code base - performance lessons (part 1)

At Build 2014 Microsoft open source their next-generation C#/VB.NET compiler, called Roslyn. The project is hosted on codeplex and you can even browse the source, using the new Reference Source browser, which is itself powered by Roslyn (that’s some crazy, meta-recursion going on there!).