Microsoft & Open Source a 'Brave New World' - CORESTART 2.0

Recently I was fortunate enough to be invited to the CORESTART 2.0 conference to give a talk on Microsoft & Open Source a ‘Brave New World’. It was a great conference, well organised by Tomáš Herceg and the teams from .NET College and Riganti and I had a great time.

I encourage you to attend next years ‘Update’ conference if you can and as bonus you’ll get to see the sights of Prague! Including the Head of Franz Kafka as well as the amazing buildings, castles and bridges that all the guide-books will tell you about!

Head of Franz Kafka

I’ve not been ‘invited’ to speak at a conference before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but there was a great audience and they seemed happy to learn about the Open Source projects that Microsoft are running and what is being done to encourage us (the ‘Community’) to contribute.

Speaking at CORESTART 2.0

The slides for my talk are embedded below and you can also ‘watch’ the entire recording (audio and slides only, no video).

Microsoft & open source a 'brave new world' - CORESTART 2.0 from Matt Warren

Talk Outline

But if you don’t fancy sitting through the whole thing, you can read the summary below and jump straight to the relevant parts


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What Now?

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Domino Chain Reaction

Finally, if you’re wondering what the section on ‘Domino Chain Reaction’ is all about, you’ll have to listen to that part of the talk, but the video itself is embedded below:

(Based on actual research, see The Curious Mathematics of Domino Chain Reactions)